Welcome to the international webpage of muziekvereniging Harmonie’67 from the city of Groningen. We are a Dutch band with about 55 members and at an average age of 30, we enjoy playing all types of music.

A lot of information about the band can be found on our website, such as the history and upcoming events. Unfortunately, the information is presented in Dutch.

This page has been specifically developed to present Harmonie’67 to the international visitor. You are more than welcome to play in the band or to come to a concert!

What type of band is Harmonie’67?

Harmonie’67 was founded in 1967 and therefore is a rather young concert band (or “harmonieorkest” in Dutch). The most important goal of Harmonie’67 is to have high musical quality but also have the atmosphere of a social club. There are many different kinds of concerts. Each year we organise at least one concert by ourselves, which is typically centred around a theme. We like to work together with other (musical) artists. Other concerts are more about generating a good atmosphere at other events with our music. In November 2012 we organised a big project where we performed The Queen Symphony from Tolga Kashif together with a big choir in the Martinikerk in Groningen. This illustrates that Harmonie’67 is always looking for a challenge itself!

We always adapt and adjust the music we play for upcoming concerts. It ranges from classical compilations to famous film music and the occasional swing piece. Harmonie’67 is not the type of band that walks on the streets: we focus on being a good sitting band. We also have a few smaller formations called ensembles that rehearse and play at more irregular times throughout the year.

Next to the rehearsals and concerts, we have social activities for all members. Every year we organise a barbecue, rehearsal weekend and a Christmas dinner. Occasionally, other activities are organised by different members, such as speed skating, board game evenings or hiking.

Who is our conductor?

The current conductor is Jan Wijenberg (1966). He is a professional clarinet player and enthousiastic and experienced conductor.

Should international musicians become a member of Harmonie’67?

Yes! If you are planning to stay for a reasonable period in (or around) Groningen and interested in making music together with other people, you are very welcome to join the band. Besides the fun of making music together, it is also a good way to get to know the Dutch people, culture and language. Rehearsals are every Monday evening from 19.45 till 22.00 o’clock (7.45 – 10 pm) at a location called De Rank (Paterswoldeseweg 123, Groningen).

If you go to this link (in Dutch), you can find the instruments that are needed at the moment. If your instrument is not listed here, don’t worry! Just contact us to hear if there is room to join. The best way to contact us is to use the contact form (or to just come to a rehearsal). If there is room for your instrument you can play three times for free. After the third time, we decide together with you if you can become a member of the band. Sometimes there are auditions for a position; if so, we will inform you at first.

Click here to read an article in the University Newspaper (2013) about three international students who decided to join Harmonie’67!

Is it possible to support the band?

If you are interested in supporting Harmonie’67 you are welcome to do so! It is possible to become a contributor for a minimum of 25 Euros a year. If you become a contributor, you’ll receive a digital newsletter at least four times a year (in Dutch) and a free ticket to the yearly “contributor concert”. You can also hire either the entire band or an ensemble for a concert. To become a sponsor of Harmonie’67, you can buy advertisement on promotion material of concerts or our website. Either way, feel free to contact us. You’ll receive an answer within 5 days, usually within 1 day.

Guide to the Dutch website

  1. Over ons – general information about the band: most of it is translated in English above.
  2. Agenda – dates and details on upcoming events: you can come and listen to Harmonie’67 in action!
  3. Word lid – information on how to become a musician of Harmonie’67, which is also translated above.
  4. Nieuws – information on events that have recently happened in text, photography and sometimes with audio/video fragments.
  5. Contact – contact information for the band.

Social media – links to social media pages of Harmonie’67 you can find almost at the bottom of the webiste. There is a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account and a YouTube channel where you can find video recordings!


For any questions about the band or queries about anything on this website, please use contact us.